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Watch how these bloggers style Necknots

Robin LaMonte discusses how she uses Necknots to hide the aging skin on her neck. She's a little self-conscious about her wrinkles, and has some great styling tips to camouflage it. 

"I have a very strong positive emotional response to black. Put very simply, I like it. Paraphrasing something a very stylish friend of mine one said, Black “gets” me on so many levels – particularly on emotional levels which express my message. Black embodies the qualities of mystery, quietness, intelligence, formality, and simplicity. It is powerful and can be conservative, edgy, avant garde or elegant in turn. These qualities are the message I wish to convey – these things are me”  

LaRhonda Simmons is the kind of woman that will help you pick the perfect dress, invite you for cocktails + cheesecake,  and never let you regret a minute of it! And I kinda love that!