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About Me

I grew up in a small city,  with an equally small fashion district.  I dragged my mother to every Value Village Thrift Store in the city to find a new upcycle project. That is where my DIY design journey began.  Big Thanks to my Mom for driving me around the city!

Nowadays, I am always moved by a trip to the museum, and influenced by vintage fabrics, textures, and makeup palettes. I usually have a particular complexion, or hair color in mind when I choose color schemes. Scarves are just like makeup;  they can really brighten you up. All my 'summer,' and 'winter' ladies know what I'm talking about.

Building this business has made me explore my strengths, and weaknesses with a sense of urgency. It's really become a vehicle for my self development. When my business grows, I also grew along side it. This includes all the successes, and failures. That is probably my biggest lesson in life thus far. Failing is learning, and an avenue for growth. I hope you are failing and growing along side me.  

The Process

Sourcing my materials from the fashion industry's waste is very important to me.  The fashion industry is guilty of contributing to a lot of landfill waste, and I love to put it to good use. 

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The Brand

Necknots started when I created a DIY 'scarf thing' from a failed dress sewing project. I couldn't just waste that beautiful fabric, so it became a vacation accessory to go with my bikini.  The 'What is that!?' comments turned into orders, and many years later,  I'm still playing with string.

 I recently ran into a customer that was wearing a Necknot from one of my first events.  We were both impressed by how well it aged. The quality of my work is very important to me, and I'm proud to have a quality handcrafted product.  I want your pieces to look luxurious for years to come. 

What You'll Love about Necknots

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Handmade + High Quality

Each piece has the upmost attention to the little details. This is what makes it much more than string.   Proudly made in Canada. 

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High on style, and light on weight. Make a statement without heavy jewelry, or a hot scarf weighing you down. Light enough for stylish fun in the sun, and cozy comfort for a fall day.

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The possibilities are endless.
Scarf, Statement Necklace, Choker, Rope Necklace, and much more.   Compliment any outfit, any neckline, and any body type. 

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You become the artist. Necknots ignite your forgotten creativity.  Two people can style the exact Necknot so differently.  Embrace your individual style.