How to Hide an Aging Neck with Robin LaMonte

Robin LaMonte discusses how she uses Necknots to hide the aging skin on her neck. She's a little self-conscious about her wrinkles, and has some great styling tips to camouflage it. 

If you are concerned about hiding neck wrinkles, check out how she's embracing her confidence at 60 plus.

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Robin LaMonte 'Hello I'm 50ish' wearing Necknot


Do you have a necklace or scarf that can be styled many ways? Well friends, let me introduce you to this wonderful fabric rope necklace that is beautiful and just as versatile.


You may have noticed my necklace in my last blog post for Misook but this versatile infinity scarf needs its own post from me.

This is from Necknots a company based in Canada and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this rope necklace is to wear! It’s soft and there are so many colors to choose from! I selected the Deep Cover infinity necklace from the Cozies collection because I wanted a hint of black and camouflage print.

Let me share with you a few of the ways I wear this necklace.

The Necklace Knot

Very simple and tres chic. I just double looped the necklace and wore it as a short and long strands necklace.


Robin LaMonte wearing Necknots

The Chokerknot

I love a good choker and this scarf is FABULOUS!!

Even as a choker you can create different styles with it.

I like wearing scarves and big chunky chokers on my neck to camouflage my aging skin and this style hides a lot of skin.



The Headknot

I love wearing this instead of a scarf on my head as a wrap. Perfect accessory for bad hair days,especially when I’m at the beach.


Robin LaMonte wearing a Necknot as a headband